NHCASA works hard to keep administrative costs as low as possible. By receiving new donated goods, we are able to allocate more funds to recruit more CASA volunteers and provide the training needed to serve our children. 

To donate items, please contact NHCASA at (605)722-4558

Visitation Center

  • Puzzles
  • Flash cards or playing cards
  • Games for all ages

These are suggested items. Donated items should be new and unused.

  • Gift Certificates – These are given to volunteers when they have made specific plans for an activity with their appointed child at a book store, movie theater, bowling alley, recreation center, fast food restaurant, etc. We use the gift certificates to pay for the child’s cost involved in participating in that activity.
  • Gas Certificates – These are given to volunteers to help defray the cost of visiting with children, families, teachers, etc., and attending court hearings